A Study in Portraits – June 2018

It has been a long time since I shot some portraits of my little girl. WAY too long. My work these days is dominated by documentary images, as I simply love to capture authentic moments. But…. I do so love a fine art portrait too. Here’s to merging both and working towards authentic fine art portraits. 30 minutes in our life.

This post is part of a group photography project highlighting “30 Minutes in the Life” of talented photographers around the globe. Please follow the link to a fellow tennis enthusiast and award-winning photographer Channon Williamson all the way down under in Australia!

3 thoughts on “A Study in Portraits – June 2018

  1. Sarah – these are gorgeous, natural, authentic portraits of a beautiful girl! The lighting is beautiful too. Looking forward to seeing more of your portraits and your 30 mins in the life, next month. All the best!

  2. Sarah – I love these. You have captured her so beautifully. I love all the spontaneous facial expressions. Great share thanks.

  3. Beautiful portraits! You are inspiring to take some time and pause and take portraits. Love the simplicity and beauty of these. xo

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