Fairy Glen – 30 Minutes in the Life

Scotland is a land of misty mountains and abounding rainbows, where the unicorn is the national animal and fairy legends abound. In a place where stories are almost as ancient as the land itself, Fairy Glen was the most magical of all. It was an incredible 30 Minutes.


This post is part of a group photography project highlighting “30 Minutes in the Life” of talented photographers around the globe. Please follow the link to Sharleen Stuart Photography.


4 thoughts on “Fairy Glen – 30 Minutes in the Life

  1. Love all the lush green tones you captured in Scotland, Sarah! Beautiful photos, and I love seeing the two cameras in the reflection of the car mirror 🙂

  2. These are so beautiful Sarah. I love Scotland and the rugged beauty that it has. The history is magical and I am hooked on the stories that come out of there. I remember hiking with my cousin years ago near Balmoral Castle and it was so nice to get out and see the countryside. Thank you for sharing this bit of beauty.

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