The Tiger Birthday Party

This installment of ’30 Minutes in the Life’ began as any other ordinary day would- except this one included a tiger birthday party. And a tiger birthday party is not to be missed.

It is no ordinary party either, as this was thrown by my six-year-old for her two dearest orange companions. In my life as a mother, there are few things more exciting to receive than notes and pictures from my littles. The day before this one, I had received a hand-written invitation to “envit” me to celebrate Tigy (short for Tigy Whiskers) and Clem (short for Clemson)’s joint birthday party. At 1:30AM. Guests suggested that 1:30PM would be preferable, and the event was blessedly moved. My littlest planned and set up the entire party, and her older sister and I threw in a few surprises, including an orange tiger balloon and some wrapped tiger presents. Because, how often do you get to attend an event such as this?


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