Dreaming of a White December

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to blog alongside some very talented ladies. Our theme this month is WHITE but here, we have not even had a hint of a white Christmas! I look forward to following this circle along and living vicariously.

Our holidays always open with the Nutcracker. This year, we had an Elf in the family.


The weather has felt a lot more British, so we stepped out London-style.


One of our favorite Advent traditions is counting down the days to Christmas with chocolate advent calendars. We keep them on a ledge during the day which leads to some hilarious efforts to get them down at night. My oldest says “the best part? We [have two calendars so we] don’t even have to share!”



I would be thrilled to have you follow along with more of my work here and keep do a look out for a very exciting announcement coming soon!

This post is part of a collaborative blog circle, so please follow the link on to my very talented friend Kellie of Kellie Brindley Photography!

The Artists Inspired Blog Circle is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.


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