30 Minutes in the Life

Today I have the extreme privilege to join the talented photographers over at Journey to Artist as part of their blog circle! I am thrilled beyond words. I just happen to be their Featured Artist this month and I couldn’t be more thankful. You may view my feature post here.

I have always heard about people photographing an entire day in their life. And while that seems like such a fabulous thing to do, and a wonderful way to record memories, shooting a full day has just been plain daunting! Not to mention the thought of editing all those images! I absolutely love the idea this group has– 30 Minutes in the Life. Real, honest, and just 30 minutes worth. For me, I decided to finally take the girls out to play tennis on the last night of summer here in the USA. I’m so glad we did- we played until the sun went down and it was such a wonderful time.













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September Gold

September is always a distinctly pivotal, bittersweet month. There are so many sweet new beginnings. New grades, new classes, new school work, new teachers, new friends. With the arrival of all of these new and wonderful activities, there is the pang of something lost: summer. September marks the end of our truly free days. The end of the days where we can read late into the night, wake up late in the mornings, spend endless time with friends, wear our bathing suits all day, and eat popsicles for breakfast. There is also that reminder of days going by, time marching ever forward. How much longer do we have? Will even next summer be as sweet as this one? I cannot but hope- and hold on to these memories.

As a tribute to September, I have collected here some favorite turn-of-the-season images, images that make me so thankful to be a mom and the ones that make it hard to welcome September. But here’s to new beginnings.


Warm summer sun, too quickly to be replaced,

Sticks and Light


savoring our precious golden peaches,


I saw my girls afresh.

Through My Eyes

In that pale gold rented beach house, never knowing which way to go,

Wrong Way Dear

we made so many discoveries, some ourselves.

I See Something

We enjoyed the golden glow of summer vacation



and made the last mad dash for souvenirs,


before we rush back to school.


Here’s to hope for new beginnings…


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I am so thankful to be part of an incredible blog circle this month! The artists behind the group Share Six have honored me as the “Artist of the Month.” In addition to being selected with the winning image they asked me a few questions about work, which you may find here. The blog circle is centered on the theme ‘Monochrome’ and I am to share six (get it?!) of my favorite monochrome images.

My first image is dear to my heart. I adore parrot tulips. Tulips are wonderful but parrot tulips have captured my heart. Their ruffly edges and striated petals are stunning, and their colors are generally gorgeous. I say generally, because in this sad case, the colors of this particular flower were a funny yellow-orange. Completely underwhelming. But they were the only ones available at the florist and I was desperate to try my hand at a new technique. I loved the image but couldn’t get past the colors-until I tried it in black and white. Monochrome brings out details in a way not much else can. My favorite ruffles here steal the show, as well as the play of light and shadow. Additionally, this image my first image to ever be published in a print magazine! Just one year ago, it was featured in Sept/Oct issue of Click Magazine.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip


Down the Palace Steps

Down the Palace Steps


Say, Could That Lass Be I?

Say, Could That Lass Be I?




Seeing the Changing of the Guard in London for the very first time.

The Changing of the Guard


Crowning Glinda, a vintage edit in the style of the original film, The Wizard of Oz.

Crowning Glinda

That’s six! Now please keep the circle going and head on over to the very talented Sharleen Stuart!

Share Six: September 2016: Black and White